Friday, February 7, 2014

Alumni Spotlight: Allison Chopra

As the owner of Urban Fitness Studio in Bloomington, Indiana and an industry veteran of over 10 years, Allison Chopra has achieved both local and national recognition for her dedication to health and fitness. A graduate of the School of Public Health’s Department of Kinesiology, Chopra is a nationally certified Personal Trainer, Health Fitness Specialist, and Wellness Coach.
Chopra initially selected her career path because she liked the “…idea of working in a healthy environment where everyone encouraged healthy choices.” As a fitness professional, she strives to inspire others to live an active lifestyle.  “Each individual is different,” she said, “…you have to work hard to find a method of changing behavior that works for them.”

During her years at the IU School of Public Health her roles as a Personal Trainer and as an Interim Assistant Director at Recreational Sports helped her prepare to own and effectively manage her business, giving her real life experience in both managing and collaborating with other coworkers as well as departments. She also notes that the emphasis put on continuing to educate herself outside of class has been imperative for her to stay up to date on changes in research and trends in the field and in finding her niche. “While a degree program prepares you well to be technically ready for a career in the fitness industry, the industry is constantly changing.  Reading about different training methods, types of facilities and fitness philosophies can prepare an individual to understand in what capacity they would like to work in the field,” she said.

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