Monday, November 25, 2013

Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Studies Department launches Online Learning MS degrees

Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies will deliver its online Master of Science degrees in a refocused program starting January 2014.

The graduate degrees in Parks and Public Lands Management, and Recreation Therapy will give students in-depth knowledge about principles, management trends, and about issues related to managing parks, public lands, recreational sports and recreation therapy organizations. Online delivery will allow working professionals to access a graduate education without having to leave the field or relocate.

“Indiana University and the Department of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies have provided graduate education via distributed learning technology for over 25 years,” said Department Chair Dr. Bryan McCormick. “Indiana University is a leader in the use of technology in education. We pride ourselves on the fact that our distributed education courses have the same faculty, quality, and rigor of any course we offer.”

MS, Parks and Public Lands Management
The online MS in Parks and Public Lands is embedded in Indiana University’s award-winning Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands to enhance student ‘deep learning’ from involved professionals. With a portfolio that includes more than 80 online courses and related learning events, and 10 years of leading the National Park Service’s online training program, the Eppley Institute is the nation’s leader in continuing professional development for park and public lands professionals. The integration of the MS and the Eppley Institute provides an excellent opportunity for students to participate in an innovative learning environment.

The M.S. emphasizing parks and public lands management is an executive-style graduate degree focused on returning students seeking new qualifications and new skills. Students will learn from faculty with professional experience managing organizations and agencies in the fields of parks, recreation, and protected areas. The Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands, was founded in 1993 by Indiana University’s Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies Department, is a unique outreach program for the park, recreation, and public land management professions. It has received more than $12 million in contracts and grants providing research, education, training, park planning, and related services.

MS, Recreational Therapy
One of the longest standing online degrees at IU, the MS in Recreational Therapy is also nationally regarded as one the leading degrees in this concentration. The major in recreational therapy prepares students to assume positions as recreational therapists. Using a variety of techniques, therapists treat and maintain the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of their clients. Professionals assess individuals' needs, plan and implement specific interventions to meet those needs, and document and evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions. All students graduating from the major are eligible to sit for the Recreation Certification (NCTRC) examination.

For more information regarding the academic schedule, tuition, and degree requirements, visit the degree website at

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