Friday, November 29, 2013

Student Spotlight: Ren-Jay Shei

As a Bloomington native, Ren-Jay Shei felt that IU was a logical choice when it came time to select where to get his college education.  “I was born and raised right here in Bloomington, Indiana and have lived within 5 miles of where I was born my entire life,” he says. “IU was a logical choice for me since it was close to home, provided great opportunities both academically, socially, and athletically.”

With an interest in competitive cycling, IU offered both the academic opportunities Shei wanted, but also the chance to pursue his personal passion with both the Little 500 and inter-collegiate IU Cycling Club. Shei began his academic career at IU earning a degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry, Social Science, and Medicine from the College of Arts and Sciences as well as a degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Coaching from the School of Public Health (formerly named the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation),”. While Shei initially planned on attending optometry school, it was his interest in exercise science that finally became the focus of his education and his current goal of completing his doctoral studies in the School of Public Health.

“One of the major considerations for me when deciding on schools for my doctoral studies was the opportunity to engage in research and work with the faculty here, whose work is internationally recognized. My current advisor, Dr. Tim Mickleborough (who was also my Master's advisor) does a lot of research in the areas I am interested in - respiratory physiology and fatigue - and he provides the perfect balance and guidance that helps me to grow as a student and researcher,” he says. His ultimate goal he notes, “…is to stay in academia and work as a faculty member at a university.  I love the excitement of research, using science as a tool for discovery, and sharing that excitement in the classroom when teaching.” It’s the combination of faculty and top notch classmates he claims that are the “…best part of the SPH and they are what makes me a proud student and alumnus of our school.”

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