Monday, December 16, 2013

Alumni @ Work: Barnett S. Frank MA, ATC

Barnett Frank is an educator, researcher, and clinician who’s career has been driven by an interest in athletics, medicine, and the opportunity to help others. In his pursuit of prioritizing evidenced-based healthcare he came to realize the need for not only quality educators, but also researchers and clinicians to ensure the best possible care.

“I find reciprocity in my responsibilities as a clinical sports medicine professional that provides healthcare to athletes and as a researcher and educator who strives to provide clinicians with the best possible evidence-based practice founded on rigorous research. Through my research role as an educator I aim to provide sports medicine professionals with an arsenal of clinical practices that will ensure the highest level of care for their athletes and patients,” he notes.
As an IU student in the School of Public Health, Frank considered his mentors and the faculty to be important components to his overall success. He noted that, “Ultimately, the mentors I had as I was an undergraduate student at IU have become my lifelong mentors and some have become my best friends. The tenure tract and clinical faculty, as well as clinical staff in sports medicine served as my role models, and as I progressed in my career, true friends. Till this day I still rely on many of them for advice and guidance.”
Since his days at IU, Frank has become an esteemed member of the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He enjoys his responsibilities as an educator teaching undergraduate exercise science students the basic principles of athletic injury management, as a researcher for laboratory and field data collection, data management, and data analysis, and as a clinician working with athletes with significant knee injuries.


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