Friday, December 6, 2013

Shopping for an IU Alum this holiday season? Consider an IUAA Membership!

The only requirement for membership is loving IU.
Our alumni represent the best of the best. Thanks to them, our school has earned an enviable reputation for excellence both at home and abroad. As the school and its programs have grown to encompass a broad spectrum of academic interests and professional fields, so too, has the base of alumni and friends. Our school is known for one of the most active and influential alumni groups in the United States. The school's graduates continue to provide a loyal support network for current programs and students.
Become a member and get connected to a global network of IU alums. As an IUAA member, you’ll have unlimited access to IU’s Alumni Directory. Network with people in your industry. Meet new people in your community. Or simply check out where your classmates are working now.

A portion of the dues that you pay to join IUAA is used to fund the School of Public Health Alumni Association Board. The board uses these funds to organize special events, provide alumni activities, and promote the school.

Benefits to IUAA Membership

Get better seats for Hoosier basketball and football games with priority points. Annual IUAA members earn five points per year; life members get ten. Members also get discounts on tournament travel packages and pregame parties.
Get access to job opportunities, résumé and interview preparation, and mentoring. Advance your career as an IUAA member. We offer one-on-one career counseling through our alumni office.
Support IU and the next generation of IU students. The membership fee you pay to become a member makes it possible for IUAA to offer enrichment programs like Winter College. Your support also provides promising students with an IU education through alumni-funded scholarships.
Check out IUAA online today!

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