Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Alumni @ Work: Kent Hegenauer


Kent Hegenauer
Sr. Associate Athletic Director
University of Southern Mississippi

Kent Hegenauer always wanted to be a part of the Sports Industry, specifically College Athletics. “It brings together people from different backgrounds to support one common team, and I think there is something special to that,” he says.
As the Senior Associate Athletic Director for the University of Southern Mississippi, Hegenauer has not only become part of the industry, but an integral one, ensuring the success of a major athletic program. With a degree in Sports Marketing and Management from the School of Public Health Hegenauer felt confident coming out of school that he had a solid knowledge base and business background that put him ahead of the curve compared with others in his peer group.  There is no “normal day,” he says. “You can plan your day all you want, however in athletics, we are in the people business and many times things outside of your control will dictate how you spend your time and resources.”
When asked what advice he has for current student or new graduates he’s quick to note the importance of building and maintaining a professional network. “Your greatest resource later in your career is the network you build.  By even volunteering, you begin building your network.  Often times it is your network that is going to help you open the door for the job interview that you really want,” he said. “A college Athletic Department is in great need of people to help out, and I don’t think I have ever turned down a student who wanted to volunteer and learn.”


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