Friday, January 17, 2014

Student Spotlight: Elise Gahan

Elise Gahan considered Indiana University during her final years of high school specifically because of the superior programs offered by the School of Public Health and her interest in pursuing a degree in community health. Although raised in Omaha, Nebraska Elisa now calls Bloomington home as she earns her undergraduate degree in community health with minors in mathematics and psychology.
After graduation, Elise intends to continue her education by pursuing a graduate degree. “This semester has peaked my interest in environmental health and its importance to many aspects of life, so I plan to focus on environmental epidemiology in my graduate work,” she said. 

 In addition to her course work, Elise has taken advantage of the many opportunities the School of Public Health has to offer, participating in workshops on resume building and effective networking, as well as taking part in a leadership class to further her personal development.  

She has also served as a part of the SPH Student Ambassadors, which has allowed her to serve the school, meet influential graduates, and interact with faculty members.  

“It is great to see how concerned faculty such as Dean Torabi are with the wellbeing and interests of students at all levels.  I look forward to the upcoming years of my education and to becoming more involved with all that the School of Public Health as to offer,” she noted.   

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