Friday, May 23, 2014

Alumni Profile: Meet Alaina Cutler

Alaina Cutler was always drawn to helping professions and working directly with those in need. Initially she pursued a career in nursing, but following an internship experience decided to shift her focus and eventually settled in the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Studies focusing her education on Tourism Management.

Following another internship experience, Alaina developed love of fundraising and working in the non-profit sector, a direction she hadn’t considered originally, but one that she decided to commit her career to.  In her current role as a development Associate at The Julian Center, Alaina is focused on donor engagement, utilizing a variety of tools ranging from social media and newsletters to fundraisers to reach her supporters.

“The best part about my degree is the diversity in education I received. Where else can you get a degree that is part marketing, part management, part relationship building, and more? These focus areas are applicable to any industry, not just tourism. I graduated feeling well rounded. I knew just enough about EVERYTHING to be dangerous in a conversation,” she said.

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